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Welcome to the Farm

Sweet Creek Family Farm is home to many special animals. Each animal on the farm has an important job to do! We work hard to ensure that everyone on the farm is happy, healthy, and fulfilled. 

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The Dogs

What farm is complete without a farm dog? 

Our pups are a big part of the farm and our family. 

They help keep our livestock safe and our hearts full. 


The Goats

Our goat herd is made up of miss-fits. They are very funny animals with their own personalities. We have learned a lot about goats from our little herd! Like how they can be incredible escape artists!

Goats are amazing landscapers. They are too happy to help rid the farm of pesky weeds and keep the grass short. Don't let them near the garden however or you will find your hostas and rose bushes disappeared! 


The Chickens

We have a small flock of backyard chickens on the farm. 

We started off with just 5 chickens in our small backyard in the city. Our layer hens not only provide us with fresh eggs every day, they are also amazing garden preppers. They love to eat all of our kitchen and garden scraps. On the farm we use everything we can! Chickens provide us with great compost. Not only do we use their poo to create nutrient rich soil, but chickens love to turn over the compost and our gardens in the spring.

As our flock grows we are selling some Farm Fresh eggs from our Farmgate Stand!

The Guineas

When we decided to move to the farm we knew we would be dealing with ticks. Ick!

We came across some articles about these funny fowl who are the best at eating those terrible pests. The Guineas were hatched right here on the farm. What an amazing experience patiently waiting and watching as they developed inside their shells.

They are well known for being great protectors, alerting to any intruders on the property, animal or human. They have loud calls you can't miss and are great lookouts for the other fowl.


The Bees

Each growing season with partner with a local bee keeper. Bee Hives are put on the farm for the warmer months of the year. The farm provides a safe home for the bees to spend the summer, and in return the bees pollinate our crops and make the most delicious honey!


In  loving memory of Gus.
The Goodest Farm Dog there ever was. 

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