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Fowl, Flowers & Growth

Our Story

It started with a box of chicks. 

At the time I was living in the city. My mom and I have always been a little impulsive and since I can remember we shared a dream of living on a farm. One day we heard a commercial on the radio from a local feed store on the outskirts of town for "Chick Days". It was that easy, we could just call them up to order day old chicks and raise layer hens. 

So we did. 

My now husband and I raised 5 beautiful girls in our little city backyard, crossing our fingers no one would complain to the city so we could keep them (chickens in our city were a bit of a grey area).  

But I was hooked. There was no going back. My goal was to find a way to create a homestead for our family, and our growing herd of animals. 

Cut to a few years later and my husband and I late one night had an idea. What if we made a real go of this? Move to the country with a few acres and figure out a way to make a living, living on our land. 

My parents, to our surprise, were in! To make this work we all had to take on this new adventure together. 

After months of searching and viewing farm after farm in a pandemic, with a crazy competitive market looming over us, we finally found the one. 

Welcome to our Home. 

We are so excited to share our adventure with you!


The Family


Kaitlynn & Adam 

Adam & I met in 2015 and quickly knew neither of us would ever be the same. We both have a strong love for animals that bonded us instantly. 

I was working odd jobs trying to figure out where I fit in after graduating school and traveling for a year. Adam was working as a Chef at a beautiful sailing club.

We both shared a dream of starting our own business and building something of our own.

I [Kaitlynn], grew up in the City of St. Catharines, but something always drew me to the country. As a youngster I spent weeks of the summer at my Great Aunt's farm playing with the barn kittens and washing out feed buckets. Soon I began horseback riding lessons that lead to joining the local 4H, and then volunteering as a summer camp councilor teaching kids about riding and farm animal care. 

Once I started university I found myself working my summers on a small organic peach farm. There I learned so much about small family farming. My days were spent out in the sweltering heat picking, packing, and then selling fruit at the organic markets in downtown Toronto. As much as I love fruit, what really caught my attention was the Lavender. Rows and rows of lavender were grown between the peach orchards to help naturally control pests!

These experiences really drove me to  pursue my childhood dreams of living and working on a farm. 

Adam was born and raised in Fort Erie, Ontario. At a young age Adam found his calling working in the kitchen of a small restaurant in town. He worked his way up the ranks to a Chef position at the local Sailing Club where he learned the ins and outs of maintaining the picturesque property. He has a passion for good food, and a natural drive to find efficiency and thoroughness. He keeps the farm on track and maintains our equipment till it sparkles. 

Adam always had a love for the outdoors, some of his favourite pastimes being golf, hockey, and Dave Matthews Concerts. You might find him hitting a few balls in the field or lacing up for a skate on the pond. Adam's love for animals is unmatched. He is always coming up with new ways to keep our animals happy and healthy. 

Julie & Kevin

Julie & Kevin found each other just at the right time and easily began building a life together that they love. 

Julie is a Registered Nurse born and raised in St. Catharines Ontario. One of Julie's favourite memories growing up was visiting her uncle and taking out the pony for a ride down the street to the corner store. She shared her love of animals with her children and was a sucker for any found kitten, guinea pig, or lizard brought home by one of her four kids. Her spare moments are now spent on the farm working in the gardens and working on her many projects. Julie is well known for her love of sunflowers of which you can find all over the farm, and was the inspiration for our growing sunflower field! 


Kevin grew up on a his parents' family farm in Lincoln, Ontario. He has owned and operated his own business in Niagara for over 30 years. Affectionately known as "The Water Guy" Kevin has been delivering water to the Region's residents and is very loved for his easy-going demeanor and hard work. You can find him tinkering on the farm or FaceTiming his son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids showing off the beautiful landscape and all the animals.

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